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Establishment of Fidentia Sh.a Insurance Broker in Albania!

We are very pleased to announce establishment of Fidentia Sh.a Insurance Broker in Albania. Fidentia Insurance Brokers is a Joint Stock Company as provided by Albanian Law on Commercial Companies with date of registration 10.12.2013 and duly licensed by Albanian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA/AMF) on 26.11.2015 with License No: 14. The aim of the broker is to contribute to Albanian insurance industry not just by providing high professional services to insureds and insurers but at the same time serve as market developer of new products of insurance and lines as well. Fidentia has e very well established network of prestigious insureds and active access to insurance operators locally and internationally to enable risk handling and transfer effectively. Fidentia has good collaboration with Lloyds insurance market and other international reinsurance carriers with operational presence in Albania and region. The professional experience of staff and pool of talent attracted creates a drive for innovation and sustainable risk solutions to the insureds.

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The core activities of Fidentia:

bulletRisk analyses and control on behalf of insureds;

    bulletAdvise insureds which policies are appropriate for the risk with the view of ensuring right cover at right costs;

      bulletAdvise policy clauses, terms and other key features of the cover;

        bulletAdvise the insureds on the best premium rates in the market for the concerned risk;

          bulletAdvice the insured the appropriate risk prevention or mitigation measures;

            bulletAdvise the insured which is best financial secured insurer or carrier to accommodate the risks having in mind security guidelines as provided by regulatory authority in force;

              bulletHelp insured design the risk submission for insurance companies;

                bulletHelp insured negotiate the offer with insurance companies;

                  bulletArrange policy signing and delivery including accompanying documents to ensure proper risk placing;

                    bulletMaintain, administer the insurance contract/s in place with an insurer on behalf of insured;

                      bulletEnsure that insurer has sufficient claim handling service in place for the risk contracted;

                        bulletParticipate on behalf of insured drafting the claim report, arrange loss survey and loss reports;

                          bulletAdvice insured on the outlook of reinsurance market and trends;

                            bulletInform and advise the insured on legal and regulatory developments with regard to insureds, insurers and insurance market in general;

                              bulletAdhere to the ethical rules and standards as to brokers behavior as provided by laws, regulations or best working international practices;

                                bulletServe to the best interest of insureds and avoid any conflict of interest;

                                  bulletIf there is any circumstance that might lead to any potential conflict of interest inform immediately the insured;

                                    bulletMaintain continuing professional development.

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  • House Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car Insurance


The products that could be brokered via Fidentia:

    bulletProperty all risk insurance. This includes insurance as against the risk of fire, earthquake, flood, explosion, burglary, water leakage;

      bulletBusiness interruption cover. That would include the loss of income stream of the business due to an insured event and or recovery of the market share;

        bulletInsurance of cash in safe and in transit including valuable securities or things;

          bulletProject insurance. That includes the insurance against the risks that associate a construction or erection project being public one or civil;

            bulletInsurance of health and personal accidents for insureds own, his closed persons or employees;

              bulletMarine insurance, goods in transit, marine hull and machineries;

                bulletP&I and CMR;

                  bulletMotor Third Party Liability (TPL);

                    bulletMotor Casco;

                      bulletTravel Medical Insurance;

                        bulletGeneral Third Party Liability;

                          bulletProduct Liability;

                            bulletEmployers Liability;

                              bulletLawyers Liability;

                                bulletNotaries Liability;

                                  bulletBailiffs Liability;

                                    bulletMedical Liability;

                                      bulletEngineers and Architects Liability;

                                        bulletConstruction Liability;

                                          bulletPollution Liability;

                                            bulletAccountants Liability;

                                              bulletContract Performance Guarantee;

                                                bulletOffer Guarantee for tender submissions;

                                                  bulletAdvance Payment Bond;

                                                    bulletCustoms Bond;

                                                      bulletCyber Risk;

                                                        bulletComputer Insurance;

                                                          bulletMachinery Breakdown Insurance;

                                                            bulletGreen Card Insurance;

Our vision!

Your Risk Partner.

Further as per above we would be very pleased to have the opportunity to meet you and make the presentation of our services as regards to broking and potential interest on co-operation opportunities.

PĂ«rparim Isufi

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